Tyligand Bioscience Appoint Dr. Xiao Kai as Vice President

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Tyligand Bioscience Appoint Dr. Xiao Kai as Vice President

On August 2, 2021, Tyligand Bioscience (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced the appointment of Dr. Xiao Kai as Vice President, responsible for Corporate and Business Development.

Dr. Xiao Kai

Dr. Xiao Kai has over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D and Business Development. Prior to joining Tyligand Bioscience, He held the position of Senior Vice President at Shanghai Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong) Investment Inc. As a member of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group's overseas expansion team, he is responsible for innovative drug’s BD, investment, and alliance management. During this period, he has completed a number of new licensing & M&A projects,among which, he has successfully concluded the Shanghai Pharma and BIOCAD, Russia's largest biopharmaceutical company, a $400 million joint venture project and participated in the joint venture's start-up platform establishment. Prior to joining Shanghai Pharma, Dr. Xiao worked at 3Sbio Inc., where he was responsible for Business development, where he has completed a number of R&D licensing & collaborations. Prior to joining 3S Bio, Dr. Xiao worked at Roche pRED Center, where he was responsible for target identification and antibody discovery work and was involved in of approximately 40 FIC projects within the Roche global R&D network.

Dr. Xiao Kai graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou with a Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics from the University of Florida, School of Medicine, and an MBA from the University of Florida Business School.

Dr. Zhang Yantao, Founder CEO of Tyligand Bioscience said, "We are honored to recruit Dr. Xiao Kai as Vice President for Strategy and BD. Dr. Xiao Kai's R&D background, domestic and oversea M&A and BD experience will undoubtedly enhance the external cooperation capabilities of Tyligand Bioscience, which will significantly accelerate our external innovation process and enables our medicines to benefit patients as soon as possible.”